Real World Data in
Real Time API
curl -X POST -d
    "when": "1 hour before",
    "webhook": ""
e.g. Tell us you want to know at your backend when there is a new Game of Thrones episode
Get updates as webhooks when something important happens about thousands of topics, like weather, sports, events, news... in a single API
e.g. We will send the game of thrones episode info to the speciefied endpoint 1 hour before its broadcasted.
Receive structured data only when the event happens. Data is Stored so you can pull it too
"id": 242141,
    "hook_id": "TV_SHOWS_NEW_EPISODES",
    "topic_id": "game_of_thrones",
    "when": "1_hour_before",
    "event_name": "Game of Thrones New Episode: The Dragon and the Wolf",
    "event_stamp": "2017-08-28T00:00:00+00:00",
    "event_info": {
        "url": "",
        "name": "The Dragon and the Wolf",
        "season": 7,
        "number": 7,
        "airdate": "2017-08-27",
        "airtime": "21:00",
        "airstamp": "2017-08-28T01:00:00+00:00",
        "runtime": 60,
        "image": {
        "medium": "",
        "original": ""
        "summary": "Cersei sits on the Iron Throne; Daenerys sails across the Narrow Sea; Jon Snow is King in the North, and winter is finally here."
Find what  you want to subscribe to within millions of topics among dozens of categories (and growing).
TV Shows New Episodes
Rain at a Location
Concerts from an Artist
NFL game starts / ends
RSS Feed new post
Stocks changes
Bitcoin price change
Youtube channel new video
Made for Developers By Developers
Build more engaging, smarter, better apps
We provide the content. With dozens of categories, you can stop wasting time and resources maintaining feeds and APIs polling and parsing infrastructure
Real-time is king. Make more interactive applications, send marketing notifications or update your content only when something important happens
Our APIs are simple and we rely on open protocols so that you can switch to and from us very easily. We believe you should choose us, not be forced to use
Use Case
Send better push notifications or email campaigns. It's raining outside? It's a Holiday? Its a good day in the stock market? Get more interactions without having to scrape all that data.
Use Case
Big Data & ML Real Time Source
Our Historic datasets are structured. You can train your models with our data and then use our real-time events to predict better with a more accurate data.
Use Case
Marketing Automation
Publish something, send email campaigns or purchase ads based on the context of each user. It's the superbowl final today? You will sell more.
i.e. Game of Thrones episode has aired
Rain in a Location
Star Wars The Last Jedi is released Tomorrow
New Film Releases
Game is published for Xbox One
New Game Release
A new Music Album from Coldplay is released
New Music Album Release
Real Madrid game starts and ends
Soccer Games & Scores
Patriots game starts and ends
NFL Games & Scores
Chicago Cubs game starts and ends
MLB Games & Score
Golden State Warriors game starts and ends
NBA Games & Score
A concert from Madonna is scheduled in London
New Concert
New Amber alert in WA
Amber Alerts
New Post at The Verge
RSS Feed New Item
Started raining in Hillsboro
New TV Show Episode
Started snowing in Hillsboro
Snow in a Location
10º Temperature drop  in Hillsboro
Temperature drop
Weather forcast in Seattle
Weather forecast
New Video at Erica Griffin Channel
Youtube Channel
New Pin at jack/notificationschat-board/
Pinterest Update
New tweet by @jack
Chicago Blackhawks game starts and ends
NHL Games & Results
New Audio at @jack channel
Soundcloud Channel
New Audio at @jack channel
iTunes Podcast Update
New Review for Hooks
App Store Review
Holiday in Texas
New Film By Tarantino
Films by Cast
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